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You test: hoof care

Who better to try out Cowshed’s new Hoof Care range for feet than our hardworking team at Soho House Berlin?

Cowshed’s new Hoof Care range is designed for those times when your feet need a little more care and attention. But could they get our Berlin team beach-feet ready?


On the Hoof Foot Scrub, £22, is packed full of avocado and wheat germ oil for intensive hydration. A combination of volcanic ash and black sand works hard to exfoliate dry, calloused skin; transforming rough feet into soft, supple soles.

Our Foot Balm, £19, is innovative in its formulation and texture. Discover a unique hybrid between a cream and a balm, which offers the ultimate pamper session for your feet!



Burhan Mama, chef
“Good, my feet were really relaxed after using it. I liked it and would like to have some more.” 8/10

Caglar Budalki, porter
“I was happy to try the products and I would recommend them both. The scrub made my feet really smooth, although it smells different to what I am used to. The same with the cream, I would use it maybe 1-2 times a week. Both would be really helpful for people who are walking a lot. ”

Laurynas Kerpe, demi chef de rang
“I am not the kind of person who uses creams a lot, but the feet were more soft after. I would recommend it to people who like to use creams.”

Royden, bartender
“The scrub was very slippery, I found it too slimy. I needed someone else to do it for me. Too much mess. But the cream was nice, it felt soft straight away.”


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