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What’s in season for Soho Houses this autumn

Fresh, seasonal produce is always the best place to start a menu. We take a look at what’s in season near our sites in the UK, US and Europe


“We’re getting lots of lovely baby and medium-sized turnips at Soho Farmhouse,” says head gardener Anna Greenland. “And our garden spinach will be ready next week.” It’s a good time for greens in general in the UK right now, with curly kale, cavolo nero and chard also doing well. Leeks, parsnips and radishes are still around, and coming soon will be fennel, carrots and beetroot. “We have babies but they need a little time to size up,” says Anna.


Blackberry season is here, with blueberries, blackcurrants, apples, plums, nectarines and peaches all in season throughout the US. It’s also time to focus on root vegetables like Jerusalem artichokes, rutabaga, turnips and sweet potatoes. Add vitamins with broccoli, celery, corn, cabbage and winter squash.


It’s a festival of mushrooms in Barcelona, with russinyol, trompets, comagroc, lengua de buey, ceps and rovellones all around. For something greener, try artichokes, calçots, grelos, broad beans and peas. Or in fruit and flowers, try madroños, kaki and borraja.


Autumn means winter vegetables like celeriac, squash, parsnip, parsley root, turnip, swede, Brussels sprouts and chervil root. Leeks, artichokes, sweetcorn and chestnuts are also great right now. For crunchy, peppery salads, look to cabbage, chicory, romanesco, horseradish and kohlrabi.


Jerusalem artichokes, mushrooms, spinach, white and green cabbage, pumpkin, okra and celeriac are all in season in Turkey. For interest, scatter the finished vegetable dishes with newly ripened pomegranate seeds.

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