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What happened at London Cocktail Week

Soho House bartenders made the most of Britain’s biggest drinks event, watching the 24-hour bar build and sampling edible alcohol and carbonated spirits

Soho House & Co people were at the centre of the best-attended London Cocktail Week to date.

Tom Kerr, Soho House’s global bars manager and Oli Blackburn, bars manager of 76 Dean Street, did a talk at Concrete on how we manage to serve drinks within three minutes of taking an order.

And as part of the House Tonic training programme 250 of our London bartenders were given wristbands to attend. They explored events like the 24-hour bar build at the central hub in the Vinyl Factory, Soho, the with 32 pop-up bars at the London Cocktail Week Village at Old Spitalfields Market, and got deals on signature serves at the 275 bars taking part around the capital.

There was plenty to see and try, with the SodaStream MIX pop-up serving Mr Lyan carbonated cocktails, to show off new technology that allows them to carbonate any liquid, including spirits. Smith & Sinclair dished out edible alcohol in the form of Victorian-inspired cocktail pastilles, with flavours like gin & tonic and whisky sour.

London Cocktail Week was created as a chance to open the doors to some of London’s best venues and showcase the best bartenders and spirits brands. It’s now the biggest drinks festival in the UK. To learn more go to drinkup.london


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