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Watch a video of Ludlow House: morning, noon and night

Experience a day in the life of our Lower East Side club, in under two minutes

Take a tour of Ludlow House, our second New York home on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Comprising a screening room, performance space for members’ events, rooftop restaurant and club space, the four-story gothic structure sits at 139 Ludlow, between Rivington and Stanton Streets.

The Lower East Side is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Manhattan, first settled by Eastern European immigrants in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Culturally, the neighbourhood still reflects a long-standing Jewish heritage, with landmarks such as Katz’s Deli, whose smoked pastrami is now served in Ludlow’s ground-floor Living Room on Tuesdays and Thursday from 1-2pm.

Design elements of the club — mid-century modern furnishings, velvet armchairs and vintage lamps — make reference to the artistic enclave that took form on the Lower East Side in the 1970s and 1980s. Even rooms within the club pay homage to the neighborhood’s past, such as the second-floor Lou’s Kitchen and Bar, and third-floor Velvet Room, which are named after Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground, who recorded much of their first album on Ludlow Street.

“I think Ludlow House reflects the natural transition of the neighbourhood,” said general manager Natalie Freihon, who opened LES restaurant institutions Freemans and Peels before joining the team at Soho House. ‘While the Lower East Side’s artistic heritage has changed due to gentrification and more business-oriented types moving in, I think Ludlow House remains a haven for the creative community here.’

‘If I’m not at Ludlow House, I’m hanging out on Division Street: whether it’s Kiki’s, Forgtmenot or 169 Bar.’ – Sandra Winther

Sandra Winther, a Copenhagen-born video director featured in the film, says it’s this same creative energy that drew her to move to the area. “I live on Bowery and Bleecker, and my studio is on Essex and Rivington,” she explained. “I live in an apartment building where my neighbours are art directors, industrial designers, restaurateurs — and now, friends. The couple downstairs has a car so we’ll all drive out to Rockaway to go surfing on the weekends.”

When she’s not surfing or shooting, you can find her lunching at Dudley’s or El Rey, or watching documentaries in Ludlow’s Screening Room. “I’ve watched so many movies I’ve loved there – Breaking a Monster and Sonic Sea were favourites. In general, there are a lot of cool events that I wouldn’t necessarily think of going to, but want to check out just because Soho House has curated it in such a specific way.”

Above, watch Sandra and fellow Ludlow Founder Member Woodrow Morton Jr spend a day in the life of Ludlow House, from morning coffee to lunching at Duckedup, and a late-night performance from California-based rock band We Are Scientists.

Film by Pundersons Gardens.


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