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The Whole Self: Karol Sikorski

The head waiter at The Allis White City tells us how the different sides of his personality help him at work

The essence of my job at The Allis is making guests happy. But I also want my team to have fun. Twice a day we have a team briefing – if I can make a joke and somebody who was looking moody cracks a smile, that makes me feel amazing.

I never took classes or anything, but my Instagram (@lifeofcharlie91) does OK, and I’m happy because taking photos is now part of my job. When White City opened the Soho House social team were snowed under and needed somebody good to make content for The Allis account. I stepped forward and they liked my work, so I stayed in the role. Eventually I’d love to do social media full time.

I was classically trained in music back home in Poland. I record and write songs; they mostly just go in a drawer but I still play the occasional gig with my Polish band. The singers who inspire me stand out because of their realness. Take Ella Fitzgerald – her pain is right there, on record. Or Whitney Houston, that incredible voice, and the sad truth behind it. Beyoncé never watches what other people do; she makes history with every move.

White City’s Got Talent came about after I suggested to P&D that, with so many talented people working at White City, we should do an event or competition. I thought that a lot of people would probably sing, so to make myself stand out I decided to do the show in drag. I got a lovely ombré wig, a short dress from a girl at reception, and crazy high-heeled boots. I didn’t win, but equally I didn’t fall over.

I’ve been in London nearly six years now. It’s a crazy city, the pace is so quick. When I get time I love to hang out with the rest of my team, even just for a cinema night. Before White City’s Got Talent nobody at work knew I was a singer but now they’ve all seen the other side of me. Still, day to day, when I put on the uniform and find myself soothing an upset guest, or revving my team up before a shift – that’s my performance.

Interview by Andy Hill. Photography by Sebastian Böttcher

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