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Soho Style: Toronto

The team in Canada brave the outdoors in jackets and coats as the wintry weather outstays its welcome

Shawntol Drakes, barback

“I’d describe my style as Plain Jane – but the Nicki Minaj remix,” says Shawntol.

Ryder Cast, server

“I like my style to be kind of silly, I don’t like to be taken too seriously,” says the club server.

Clarke Picklyk, server

“I always add my own touch to everything I’m wearing. I don’t wear anything as is,” says Clarke.

Zoe Wood, server

“I like to keep it simple. I think less is more,” says Zoe of her neutral-toned look.

William Baines, general manager

“As a native New Yorker, I’m used to seasonal changes and playing off those colours.”

Joanna Fung, events manager

“I’m a big fan of anything blush,” says Joanna, who likes a classic feminine vibe.

Jeff Lapointe, executive chef

It seems kitchen hours limit the executive chef’s shopping time: “My girlfriend dresses me.”

Alex Velasquez, events manager

Alex goes for longevity. “I like clothes that aren’t defined by trends and won’t wear out.”

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