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Soho Style: Barcelona

What our people at Soho House Barcelona are wearing this winter

Oscar Grande, waiter

Oscar, who works in the club space, tells us that he likes to look “elegant but casual”.

Alberto Terenghi, head bartender, Cecconi’s

Alberto feels comfortable in his street outfit. He likes to be sharp and clean at all times, like his Reebok trainers.

Oceane Boulio, Cowshed therapist

Oceane is wearing a jacket from Zara. “I also like Mango and The Kooples,” she says.

Montse Nokonoko, club receptionist

Montse likes to mix her styles, teaming this modest high-necked blouse with trainers.

Nicole Edwards, bartender

“Whatever I feel is what I wear, simple as that,” says Nicole, a bartender in the club space.

Carlos Campillo, bartender

“I wear what I like, whether it’s first or third hand… but there’s always a hat and a ring.”

Simone Ciorba, hostess, Cecconi’s

“I love Spanish brands. My coat is by Etxart & Panno and my bag is from Bimba y Lola.”

Floris Baas, fitness trainer

“My motto is KISS: Keep It Simple and Sexy,” says Cowshed Active’s Floris.

Natalia Baptista, housekeeping supervisor

“I love to combine different colours and styles,” says Natalia.


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