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Soho House’s first artist in residence

An exclusive interview with Cody Hudson, who spent a week living and working in Soho House Chicago

In February Chicago hosted Soho House’s first artist in residence, local artist and graphic designer Cody Hudson. And when we say “in residence”, we mean it: Cody spent a week living and working in the House, hosting a painting and woodwork studio in the Music Room, where members could quiz him. House Four caught up with him on his way out.

How was your stay with us?
My stay was great, the room was really nice and it was good to take some baths after long days working. I did a little food tour too and made sure to hit up all the spots. My favourite was the Tavern as both the service and the negroni were on point.

What did you get up to while you were there?
I spent the first few days working on more traditional painting on canvas as well as paper. I also spent two days making sculptures and a day doing some experimental mono prints with rubber blocks. In my own studio I’m usually pretty scheduled out with what I need to work on so there is not as much time for experimentation. This was a good break as it gave me time to try new things.

How did your Soho House residency come about?  
[Chicago event manager] Joey Stevenson mentioned that none of the Houses had done a proper artist-in-residence programme before. Chicago had enough room to make it happen, so she was curious if I would be into the idea. It all sounded pretty interesting to me so we tried it out.

Will you be back?
For sure, I’m looking forward to the pool in summer.

Cody Hudson is taking part in a group show at the Joshua Liner Gallery in New York from March 26 to May 2;

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