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Soho House wins twice at the GQ Food & Drink Awards

Magnums of champagne all round as The Ned was named Best Hotel and Soho House won for innovation at the magazine’s food & drink awards in London

When a team from Soho House were invited to the GQ Food & Drink Awards on Monday night in London, we were looking forward to hearing from industry greats like Fergus Henderson (St John), Ruth Rodgers (River Café) and Jeremy King (the Wolsely). But the night escalated quickly as we won two awards.

First off, The Ned was named Best Hotel, with awards judge Tara Bernerd praising the “initiative to create such warmth and atmosphere in a place of such scale”.

GM Gareth Banner was over the moon, thanking his team for their extraordinary hard work – especially in the hotel’s eight restaurants and fifteen bars. “This is a great win for everybody who has helped to make The Ned not just a hotel, but a destination for eating and drinking. There really are too many of you to mention, but you know who are,” he said.

Soho House & Co was also recognised as Innovator of the Year for our Food & Drink 2017/2018 initiative. This has seen a big company-wide focus on improving our food and drinks, and is close to the heart of COO Martin Kuczmarski. “This is the first time we have won an award for food & drink so this is a proud moment to be recognised for all our hard work,” he said. “It’s testament that the Food & Drink 2018 initiative is improving our offering and above all that people are noticing.”

Founder and CEO Nick Jones was proud too. “This has been a long time coming,” he said. “All the hard work that MK and his team have put into yanking our food from where it was to where it is now has massively paid off. Thank you to all who made this happen.”

Judge Bertrand Steip, of Moët Hennessy, said those who were sceptical that Soho House could grow from a London members’ club into a successful global offering had been proven wrong. “Each House in the world succeeds in re-creating the laid-back luxury vibe of their first ever House by taking the London touch and giving it a local twist,” he said.

Other winners included Core by Clare Smyth for Best Restaurant, Swift for Best Bar, and L’Enclume for Best Overall Experience.

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