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Soho House Valentine’s Day messages

Find out if you’ve got a secret admirer at work

We asked you to share the love and tell someone you work with why you think they’re great. Now, on Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing the messages. Take a look and see if you’ve got a secret admirer at work!

Cowshed Selfridges

To: Nicky
You’re a nutter and I love you for it! You always make me smile, bring in so much positive energy and are an amazing manager! Thank you for being you :)

To: Maria
Thank you for being so helpful, kind and loving every day! You make my days go by so much easier and I’m forever grateful for all your support! Thank you for being such a nice person, love you loads!

To: The entire team
It is a big pleasure and honour to work with a bunch of positive people like all of you! I love you my Valentines!!!

Dean Street Support Office

To: David R
Hey David, Happy Valentine’s Day. I just want you to know I appreciate a man who keeps his portafilter clean. Drinks soon? xxxooo

To: Murray W
For always being an absolute legend, and no matter how much he has got going on, always keeping his smile and humour. And for bringing us copious amounts of Apple Pie.

To: Clem
u r super cute :)

To: Ashley R
Ashley is the best! Always so positive and nothing is too much trouble. She is like a warm smile at the end of the telephone. She rocks!
(from a secret admirer at Babington House)

To: Chloe M
For your wonderful, wacky, downright mental sense of humour that keeps the day the skipping along… you rock! xxx

To: Duna
You are so fab – you work hard, play hard and motivate me to get my ass to the gym every morning!

Hoxton Grill

To: Paisley
You’re amazing and beautiful and the smartest person here. I hope you have the happiest of valentines days xxx

Little House

To: Lelde V
Cheers Sweet Cheeks ;-)

Soho House Barcelona

To: Jordi G
A nuestro bullodog francés preferido: Tu guapura nos deslumbra cada día que entramos en la House. Aunque tu amor no nos corresponda, sabemos que si fueras hetero nos amarias. De momento nos conformamos con que nos saques de paseo y nos presentes a chicos tan guapos como Alberto. Guau guau!

To: Sebastiano
Bello ragazzo, quién fuera langosta para dejarme pescar por ti!

To: Paolo L
Paula!! Is a pleasure to have you near everyday! <3 haha I love St. Valentin as much as you do! Really, is a pleasure working with you! XX

To: Gabriele (the boy from Rome who works in Cecconi’s)
No te das cuenta que cada vez que me mires yo también te estoy mirando ? A ver si un día te darás cuenta, encima hablamos el mismo idioma ;)

To: Cristina F
Cristina ilumina todos mis días! gracias por tu sonrisa!

To: Johannes
Your oversized scarves and moustache make me go weak at the knees, you sassy thing! Xoxo

To: Cristina G
TOP HR jefaaaa!!! you rock it molt molt :) GRÀCIES PER TOTTTT JUAPAA!!

Little Beach House Malibu

To: Laura T
Will you be my Valentine?! Miss you lots, love you more! Xo JFO #wineshop4life

Soho House Berlin

To: Katja I
Working with you was only the second best thing in our life… meeting you was the first! We miss you and your ‘Schwachsinnsgedächtnis’ to the moon and back! Counting the days until you return! Lots of Love – K&M&A

To: Julius
I love you my bussibär :)

To: Isabel G
Much of love and nerves of steel to the best cabeza :)

To: Sarah S
You’ll be missed! You decided to look for a place with more sunshine and happiness, but without your smile this house will be clouded and cheerless! You decided to move to greener pastures, but your departure will leave our grounds barren and dry….. Best wishes!

To: Mighty Marc
Much love and peace from the person next to you ;)

To: Kamil Z
Hey babes! You rock! xxx

Soho Farmhouse

To: The Pen Yen team
Girls i love u all. I always enjoy time when i can pop in, get a lot of hugs and an occasional kiss :) By far the hottest department on the farm

To: The whole team
Love you Farmers, miss you a little bit! Guess who!? :) xx
(an admirer from Pizza East Portobello)

To: Alba
Beautiful, intelligent and imaginative. And I love the Spanish way she puts an E in front of every word that begins with an S.

To: The office girls
I love you Farm Fannies! Happy Vally Day to the girls who keep me sane. Farm life wouldn’t be the same without you xxx

To: Adamsky
Thanks for be always having a NO PROBLEM answer for everything. You are a great colleague and an amazing friend. Love you a lot

To: Hatty F
I love you, beautiful lady. I know I’ve probably said this before but I’m so happy to have you in my life. You keep being strong even though it must be so difficult, you keep your smile on and keep telling me you’re “ok” even if I know it’s… Probably not entirely true! Ahem! Anyway, I know this Valentine’s is gonna be awesome and we’ll have so much fun… Can’t wait! Love you, crazy socks woman!

To: Taymaz
This guy’s personality outshines his beige clothing. He has come along leaps and bounds and has turned into a brilliant young man. LOVE THIS KID X

Soho House Istanbul

To: The man with the best hair in the membership team
I am so happy to be in the same office with you and listen to the most stupid and fun songs that you improvise.

Electric House

To: Eldor
Even if we spend our shifts together teasing each other, I want to say how much I appreciate you as manager and, first of all, as a person 😉

To: Lauren
We couldn’t ask for a better General Manager to run the Electric. Carry on like this, we love you! :)

To: Andrew G
Happy valentine’s day andrew. You’re one of the people i like the most. I love your eyes and that smile that you have. Its an invitation for a dinner with me.

Shoreditch House

To: The gorgeous blue-eyed cutie
Hey baby cutie I will miss you so much when you leave, please promise you will come back to me! Xxxx j

To: Tilly with her beautiful smile
Hello Tilly I’m your biggest fun ! When I see you I’m always happy :) you are amazing woman and you have very beautiful eyes :)  Xxxx

To: Andreas
Was it necessary to be that nice? A perfect man deserve a perfect woman. Do the maths!

To: Gus
Since the 1st day I saw you, I can’t stop thinking about you <3 <3 <3

To: Alex B
i love u bubu. from a secret bad gal admirer. LIPSY! x

Soho Beach House

To: Alexander P
Kitty Cat, meow! Diva to the max. I know you miss my company, you don’t have to voice it ;)

To: Sergio F
You so funny! Always a trip having you around =)

To: Jeanette V
Congrats on ya big boss! Well deserved, for sure =)

To: Eddie V
Always a good time with my partner in crime!

To: Alexis V
You’re funny. Stay cute. Stay warm at the new House ;)

Soho House Chicago

To: Reed
Thanks for all the great training in 2016! We miss you! Hope you are loving your new position! Big Hug from Chicago!

To: Bethany
Thanks Bethany for coming back!!! 2017 is going to be an awesome year! Thanks for all you do! Big hug!

To: Theresa
Thanks Theresa for all the work you do! Staff appreciates it! Keep up the great work!

Barber & Parlour

To: Paora
P, there’s no one I’d rather be roasted-on-the-house-help-skype-chat by, than you. happy v day loser xxxxx

To: Maddie
You KNOW I don’t like avocado! xxx

To: Grace H W
Shout out to the cutest, the most fun friend at work ever, making my time at work easier and fun. Lots of LOVE baby girl. Happy Valentines Day xxxx

Dean Street Townhouse

To: Paccottino
Dear paccottino…Thanks to make our morning so great!!! We love Paccottino…You should never have a day off.😘

To: Istvan
Love you Istvano

To: Gabby
I love your lioness eyes

Babington House

To: All the reception girls
I love you all! You make my job so fun and have helped me learn everything I know. xxxx

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