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Soho House Istanbul turns 3: pictures

Soho House Istanbul celebrated its third birthday in March with a big party and a little refresh to its space and food.

Since opening in 2015 the 19th-century palazzo, which has 87 bedrooms, has been a hit with European tourists who want to visit the city, which sits on two continents. “We spent weeks working with the team in the UK to inject the opening with Soho House’s values and food philosophies before welcoming guests,” says general manager Marco Eichhorn.

Recent changes like adding more workspaces and smoking areas reflect the growing Istanbul membership base. “Over time the House has naturally begun to embody more Turkish traits,” says Marco. “For example, we now start most parties here at 11pm or midnight, but if you glance down House Seven you rarely see events starting after 7.30pm in London.”

The team are also happy to see more North American members making the trek to Turkey, he adds. “We want our house to celebrate the multiculturism and vibrancy that this city symbolises.”

With this in mind, head chef Gurcan Gulmez has designed a new all-day menu that combines local dishes including grilled beef Iskender kebab and Turkish ravioli with favourites from the around the Houses like the fish tacos from Soho Beach House and High Road House’s shepherd’s pie.

Cupcakes and baklava were served at the big party on March 20, and the House is also looking at new restaurant concepts from Asia and Europe. Stay tuned.

Words by Jamila Brown

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