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Head chefs from Farmhouse to Malibu sent their most successful recipes to Soho House 40 Greek Street. We check out their notes to Chef Leon and his team

For the reopening of the House we wanted to reflect our history, but also how far we’ve come since 1995. So the menu includes dishes from around the world. My team have had a great time trying out other chefs’ recipes, from the shishito peppers to the brick chicken, as well as creating our own updated take on the classic Greek Street fishcakes. And our members love it.”
Leon Lawrence, executive chef, Soho House 40 Greek Street

Young coconut, papaya, raw vegetables, nuts
​“The young coconut was an opening dish here and it really embodies our food: healthy, light, flavourful, and ingredient-driven. We get Thai coconuts as they have the sweetest meats and coconut water, about six or seven months off the tree.”
Shared by Lisa Giffen, head chef, Little Beach House Malibu

Guacamole, crudités
“Guacamole is a Californian staple. We use a classic recipe in West Hollywood; the only secret is to make sure that the avocados are perfectly ripe and the other ingredients are fresh and organic. Flavour is king.”
Shared by Giacomo Pettinari, executive chef, Soho House West Hollywood

Ham croquettes
“The recipe for our croquettes looks easy but you have to get the dough just right. Too soft and it will be a nightmare to make the croquette shape; but too much flour and they will not be creamy.”
Shared by Michele Granziera, head chef, Soho House Barcelona

Shishito peppers, yuzu miso
“This is a dish that I first tried as a bar snack in London. When we started serving it at Pen Yen we were always asked for more, so portions soon became bigger. The sweet citrus flavour of the miso complements the mild pepper flavour of the shishito. I’m sure it’ll be a hit at Greek Street too.”
Shared by Chris Woodford, head chef, Soho Farmhouse

Urfa salmon, green aioli, Gochujang, mustard
“When I created this dish I was at The Ned and had just been introduced to Ren from Ren’s Pantry, who sent me the black urfa to check out. What a cool colour! It had a savoury flavour, not spicy at all. My first thought was salmon, so I dunked some in the chilli and baked it in the pizza oven. It came out perfectly, the urfa keeping the fish moist and juicy inside. Then all I had to do was add a vibrant green aïoli and Gochujang ketchup for a bit of sweetness and a deep red colour. A very satisfying dish to make.”
Shared by Gilbert Holmes, executive chef, Shoreditch House

Branzino, spinach, tomato, olives
“I’m proud to see the branzino representing Cecconi’s Miami in London. Created with Chef Andrea Cavaliere, it has been on the menu since we opened. It’s full of Mediterranean flavours that all work together: the acidity of the tomatoes and umami flavour of the olives balance really well. The secret is to get the skin of the branzino golden and crispy.”
Shared by Sergio Sigala, executive chef, Soho Beach House Miami

Veal schnitzel
“Veal schnitzel is a classic German/Austrian dish (nobody knows who did it first). What makes our serve special is the mushroom cream sauce with fresh green Thai peppercorns. It’s pretty easy to prep – you can cook the sauce in huge amounts in advance and keep it in vacuum bags in the freezer.”
Shared by Michael Jaeger, head chef, Soho House Berlin

Brick chicken, grape, spicy yoghurt
“We have a version of this dish at almost every site in North America. A clay brick sits on the chicken while it’s on the wood grill to create an extra crispy skin. The meat is super moist and the herbs and spicy yoghurt make it seem as fresh as a salad.”
Shared by Andrea Cavaliere, executive chef, North America

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