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Pale and interesting: our new summer beer

Midway through the Food & Drink 2018 programme, we catch up with drinking director Tom Kerr and brewer Pete Brown of Forest Road about the new Soho House seasonal pale ale

What’s happening with our beer this year?

TK As part of Food & Drink 2018 we’re making the beer offering more consistent in our sites. Each House should now have a beer champion, who will taste the beer daily and make sure we have the right glassware. Our bottle range is already good but we want to make our draught beer more interesting, introducing new beers including our own seasonal pale ale.

Is this as well as our Soho House lager?

TK Yes, it’s a beer called Soho House Pale that Pete and I brewed in Belgium. The idea is to give members a different experience, with a seasonal beer that changes every quarter.

What was the brief for this summer?

TKWe wanted a light golden pale ale. Something that’s fruity, light, good for summertime. Hoppy but not like your IPA, which can be too strongly flavoured to be sessionable.
PB We worked on the recipe for eight months to get it right.

And how would you describe the finished brew?

PB We used centennial and chinook hops, which have a fresh-cut pine and citrus character, and added 5 per cent caramel malt for a sweet kiss around the edges. It’s light orange in colour and at 4.5 per cent, it should go down a treat.

Where can we find Soho House Pale?

TK From July, it will be available in all our UK sites, as well as Soho House Barcelona and Soho House Berlin.

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