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Our US rising stars host a popup

Our head chefs and general managers of the future created a zero-waste restaurant at Soho House New York. Check out a gallery of the event

When Zachary Cooper, Emma Henderson, John Bottomley, Jonathan Vanwettering, Andres (Dre) Gonzalez, Kristina Wagenti, Dillon Pickering, Alex Bushhuev and David Vatra got the chance to set up their own restaurant, the world was their oyster. They could have served Soho House New York members and guests foie gras and water from the melted polar ice caps. But instead, the eight chose to use their talents for good – creating a waste-free restaurant that would take sustainability to delicious new levels. 

Serving 60 people a night, the team – taken from Soho House New York, Ludlow House and Cecconi’s Dumbo – created all the food and drinks using produce that would otherwise have been wasted from their sites.

“This was a true collaboration from our chefs and bar team with all their diverse talents to create one menu under one concept that was uniquely their own,” Philip Spee, the general manager of Soho House New York told us. “I think it reflects how our food program is really growing and even innovating, as the ‘no waste’ approach was modern and a departure from what the team may be used to. We’re really looking forward to doing this again in the near future.”

Words: Emma Bartley

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