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My week: the club manager

Stacey Sherrell, club manager of the Soho Beach House in Miami, has made a splash since arriving from Chicago on a secondment three years ago


I’m responsible for all the club spaces at the Beach House, so generally my week runs Wednesday through Sunday. My usual hours are from noon to 10pm, or sometimes I’ll skew it a little later so I can help with the beach operation and then a little bit of the late night as well.

I’ll start with meetings at noon, then circulate around the outlets until around 10pm. Recently I led a project to put on events in our penthouse suite, which has its own terrace and hot tub. We asked a local artist to put an art installation there and had a party to celebrate. It was great and we’ll definitely do more.


My job as club manager involves a lot of running around, because the club areas are quite spread out, from the beach and the pool to the rooftop. I always have a little catch-up with my boss Bertrand Bonnafous, the F&B director, early in the week. He’s phenomenal to work with and always knows exactly what to do, having been with the company since the early days in London.

I’ll also sit down with Chef Sergio to go over feedback and statistics on how the menu is selling. He’s been on a big vegan food kick; the other day he made vegan nachos with butternut squash cheese and everyone was just crazy about it. Our most popular dish is probably the snapper on coconut rice; it’s been on the menu since I moved here from Soho House Chicago in 2015.

When things get busy I also help out on the floor. I started as a server and was made a floor manager, then assistant club manager last February and in October club manager.


As the weekend approaches the club becomes kind of a party spot. Drinks-wise rosé and Frosé are ever popular, and we sell a lot of pitchers, as people tend to order in bulk for the beach. At night we have a really popular taco-themed menu in Ocho, our bar on the eighth floor. Down in the beach bar we’ll do a barbecue or offer a seafood feast to give the members something a little different. Or we might have a jazz band or a Cuban band.   


Weekends here are definitely the most fun. The beach will fill up by 10.30am or 11am, and then main pool. In the evening there’s a group who hang out here every weekend and know the servers by name – they know Paolo’s always going to have their drink ready for them.

The beach is really fun at the end of the day; I love it when we make record sales and everyone’s sweaty and tired. We get great feedback about our people, which I think is testament to the management team who make it a nice place to work. It’s hard work but we all take care of each other, it’s a family. 


Sunday is usually a mellow day. Mornings are busy and then it tapers out into under-27 nights and movie screenings. I’ll hang out and talk to members. I also make time for one-on-ones with each of my managers. It’s not hard to motivate them, they’re all pretty amazing. We go through any pending projects as well as standard operating procedures and housekeeping logs – since we’re an outdoor property there’s a lot of wear and tear. When things slow down (the summer weather here is a little unpredictable) we focus on developing our people, doing trainings and getting ready for the craziness of winter.

Monday / Tuesday

When I’m not working I’ll see friends, go to a boxing or spin class and go to a pool somewhere. I like being outside but I’m not much of a beach person on my days off, it probably feels a bit too much like work. I’m still getting to know Miami so I like to go and explore a new area of the city.

I just came back from a week away visiting my family and I was excited to come back, I really enjoy the job and being at the House. Sometimes I come in with a list of things to do and it’s nice to feel accomplished when you put a check mark on your list. 

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