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Kate Bryan’s favourite Soho House artworks

Open your eyes to art around the Houses as our recently appointed head of collections picks her five favourite works

Scarlett Bowman – Diptych
Ludlow House

I particularly like the pieces at Ludlow. It’s the most recent installation and shows how much the collection has grown. There’s something brilliantly absurd about these beautiful, edgy, abstract pieces by Scarlett Bowman. Closer inspection reveals them to be made of junk, including the great British jay cloth.

Eddie Peake – All Along Your Spine
Ludlow House

Eddie Peake is a London-based artist whose work makes me want to be cooler. Sometimes I’m tempted to simply rub up against this piece and hope something wears off. The fusion of text, style and colour is perfect – to me it looks like Renaissance princesses meeting a postmodern prince.

Damien Hirst – Graffiti shark
Soho House Berlin

I love the idea of Damien Hirst, one of the most famous artists of our age, taking it upon himself to whip up a graffiti shark as Nick Jones put the final touches on the Berlin House. This bold, reduced version of Hirst’s iconic artwork, was instantly preserved and I always give it a respectful nod as I pass.

Jeremy Deller – Prince Harry Kills Me
Ludlow House

Jeremy Deller is something of a British institution. His irreverent artworks are always a breath of fresh air, and his deadpan sense of humour is alive and well in this work. I am a sucker for text-based art, and I love the way that despite it being so direct, you can read the message in a multitude of ways.

Tracey Emin – Crying For You
Ludlow House

I have to pinch myself sometimes when I hang out next to an original Tracey Emin painting – I’m such an admirer of hers. This messy nude has pride of place in Ludlow’s Velvet Room. She should seem brazen, but instead she dances above that fireplace and keeps a great rhythm with all the other artwork around her.

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