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Just for LALS

Soho Houses around the world are adding a new LALS (low alcohol, low sugar) section to their drinks menus

Pick up a drinks menu in your local Soho House, and it’s likely you’ll see a new LALS section. Low alcohol, low sugar drinks are in high demand right now, and our sites are competing to create the best.

A typical LALS cocktail is based on a low alcohol product like sherry or vermouth, with tonic or soda, and a sweetener like manuka honey. Sometimes a few millilitres of gin or vodka are added for a little punch at the back to make them feel stronger than they are.

White City House led the way with the Coco Collabo (coconut Cocchi Rosa vermouth, watermelon juice, coconut water, mint). Soho House Mumbai expanded the idea into our very first LALS list, featuring the hot pink Millionaire (Grey Goose, spiced grapefruit cordial, pomegranate juice, prosecco and sage) and the idea has been picked up around the world.

Soho House West Hollywood has gone a step further, offering spirit and soda drinks flavoured with bitters or infusions. “As people are becoming hyper-aware of sugar content, we wanted to give the experience of a composed cocktail without adding any sugar,” says Spenser Genesy, West Coast head of bars.

Look out for even more new ideas on our bars as the weather warms up.

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