Drink, Drink This

How to use the latest drinks trends

Full of ideas after their House Tonic summit, four US bar managers try out the latest drinks trends – from fizzy drinks to euphoric herbs

Medicinal ingredients

Chosen by Spenser Genesy, bar manager at Little Beach House Malibu

Medicinal ingredients such as turmeric continue to find their way into drinks in California — think “healthy” cocktails that serve a dual purpose: they taste great and make you feel amazing. We’re using ingredients that heal and help the body and the mind, such as turmeric to ease inflammation, milk thistle for liver detoxification and damiana – a herb that’s often taken as an aphrodisiac.

1.5 oz damiana-infused mezcal
.5 oz benedictine
.75 oz turmeric juice
.75 oz fresh passion fruit juice
.6 oz agave
.6 oz fresh lime juice
Fresh mint

Shake and strain into a rocks glass. Add crushed ice. Top with sumac and fresh cracked pepper. Garnish with a sprig of mint.

Flavoured sodas and tonics

Chosen by Rick Nani, bars manager at Soho Beach House

I’ve been seeing more and more flavoured tonics and sodas in Miami. With this weather, I can understand why – there’s really nothing more refreshing to drink on the beach than a nicely flavoured carbonated cocktail right out of the bottle. We serve several at Soho Beach House, such as our strawberry-infused Aperol Spritz and our Playa Cuba Libre, as well as the Signature Spritz below. I’d like to start experimenting with making Soho House sodas in 2017.

Signature Spritz
1.5 oz Grey Goose vodka
1 oz St. Germain elderflower liqueur
.5 oz St. George spiced pear liqueur

Combine the ingredients in batches to be bottled and carbonated. Serve in a tall glass over ice; add a squeeze of lemon and a ginger candy.

Italian aperitifs

Chosen by Christine Kang, bars manager at Ludlow House

People will continue to have enthusiasm for unusual brands and spirits, but I think that the low-ABV Italian aperitif category will generate even more interest in cocktail culture as 2017 unfolds. The drink I’ve created is inspired by one of my favourite cocktails: Rome With A View. It’s bracingly bittersweet but still very flavourful.

Rabbit Heart
6 mint leaves
0.75 oz lemon juice
0.75 oz apricot liqueur
1 oz Bombay Dry gin
1 oz Contratto Bitter
1 egg white

Dry shake the ingredients with egg white, then hard shake with 5-6 ice cubes. In a coupe, splash about 2 oz of dry sparkling rosé, and then double strain the cocktail into a coupe. Garnish with a clapped mint leaf floating on top.

Stirred drinks

Chosen by Jorge Vallejo, public restaurants bar manager at Soho House Chicago

The trend in Chicago is for stirred drinks such as Negronis, Old Fashioneds, Manhattans, etc. In The Allis we offer a Negroni and Manhattan menu that has encouraged a lot of new customers to visit us for the first time. My drink is a spin on a Manhattan using my favourite spirit: mezcal.

2 to 4 dashes of Xocolatl mole bitters
1 oz Antica Vermouth
2 oz Banhez Mezcal
Grapefruit peel

Build all the ingredients in a mixing glass, add fresh ice and stir until the desired dilution is reached. Strain into a coupe glass. Release the oils and aromas from the grapefruit peel into the drink and the rim of the glass. Discard the peel and serve.

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