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House Heroes – June 2017

Every quarter, each Soho House & Co site nominates someone who has done their job brilliantly. For summer 2017, we got to know six of them a little better

Aran O’Carroll Barreira
Lifeguard, Shoreditch House

How healthy is your lifestyle?
My passion is climbing and I keep in shape with callisthenics for great body balance and with barre exercises. And of course I swim daily.
What’s your favourite healthy drink?
I add a spoonful of maca powder to my morning coffee. It gives it a great kick and keeps me energised throughout the day.

Auxiliadora Jimenez
Receptionist, Pizza East Shoreditch

How healthy is your lifestyle? I try to take care of myself, to eat lots of fruits, vegtables and fibre and to get good-quality sleep. But for me the most important thing is to be happy, and keep a balance between my mind and my body.
Do you have any tattoos? No, it’s a pity because I love tattoos but I hate needles!

Abdoulaye Ndiaye
Kitchen porter, Barber & Parlour

How healthy is your lifestyle? I’m Muslim so I don’t drink any alcohol. And I cook a lot at home. But I don’t sleep that much!
What’s your favourite healthy food? A typical dish from Senegal called thiebou diene, which is made with rice, fish and salad.
Where will you spend the summer? I’ll visit my wife and children in Italy.

Miguel Gutierrez
Receptionist, Soho House Barcelona

How healthy is your lifestyle?
It depends on the time of the year. Right now, pretty healthy: I climb, practise yoga and swim.
Do you have any tattoos? I have three right now: an “enzo” sign (a circle with a start and an end), the absolute value (a mathematical sign), and the earth sign, which is an upside-down triangle. I don’t know if I will ever get any more…
Where are you spending the summer?  This summer I think I will only go to Madrid to see my family and friends, nothing really exciting. Maybe in October I would like to go to Peru.

Rachel Doyle-Hobbs
Member events administration, Soho House Chicago

What’s your favourite healthy drink? When I’m being healthy I like anything with lemon, cayenne and apple. The cold-pressed juices we offer in House from Harvest Juicery are amazing.
Where will you spend the summer? I’ll be in Chicago, it’s honestly one of the best cities to be in in the summer months. Every weekend there are food, drink and music festivals, like Pitchfork, Lollapalooza and Riot Fest.

Anna Luo
Server, Soho House Toronto

How healthy is your lifestyle? I am very active! I hit about 30,000 steps daily. But my diet could be a little healthier. I love pizza and pasta.
What’s your favourite healthy food? Chef Susur Lee’s Singaporean Slaw. It’s fresh, vegan and gluten-free.
Where will you spend the summer? You could probably find me tossing
a disc at Trinity Bellwoods Park after my shift. Care to join?

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