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What do wine experts like to drink? Five of our new WSET graduates share their favourite styles of wine with House Four


My favourite wine is a Barolo (pictured above), made from the Nebbiolo grape in Piemont, Northern Italy, where the climate is pretty cool and the soil is full of minerality. The wine is full bodied and rich in tannins, with a strong structure and a warm ruby colour. It’s the perfect match for Comte cheese, red meat, Asian food and pasta – but if I’m honest I really prefer drinking it without food, on a sofa with friends. It makes me feel at home. Simone Gianniello, assistant bars manager, High Road House

Gavi di Gavi

I tended to avoid white wines until I tried the Gavi di Gavi at the Farmhouse, it surprised me as being crisp, fruity and floral and I started exploring similar wines, such as a Picpoul. What I like about Gavi di Gavi is its balanced structure. Produced from the Cortese grape, it is quite acidic, with a dry and refreshing taste. It should ideally be drunk young, when it has a pale yellow colour with a green rim. Zabrina Tucker, waitress, Soho Farmhouse

Valpolicella ripasso

My favourite wine is from Veneto, the Italian region where I was born. It’s a Valpolicella wine that’s gone through a process called “ripasso”, meaning “re-passed”. This means the wine is put in a cask with leftover grape skins for a second fermentation. As well as increasing the alcohol content the process makes it darker in colour, bigger and more flavourful, with hints of red fruits and sweet spices. I love it with mushroom risotto. Matteo Battistello, bars manager, 76 Dean Street

Bordeaux blend

My go-to wine is a blend of different combinations of Merlot, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and (rarely) Carménère from Bordeaux. The region is ideal for these grape varieties with a moderate, oceanic climate and a long, warm autumn. My favourite wine is Les Trois Petiotes (“the three little girls”), from the Côte de Bourg. The name  caught my eye as I’m one of three sisters. Jocelyne Green, floor manager, 76 Dean Street

Brunello di Montalcino

For me it’s a Brunello di Montalcino every time. I keep a few of these Tuscan reds in my cupboard at home, and spent some time in Montalcino last spring getting to know a bit more about it. I learnt that Brunello di Montalcino is made of Sangiovese grapes and that the altitude and climate in the region help the grape to ripen more fully, adding to its ripe, fruity character. Whenever I open a bottle it takes me back to watching the sunset in Montalcino. Mike Ellis, general manager, Pizza East Shoreditch


I love bold reds from the Southern Rhone. Gigondas has a balanced body and complex flavour, ranging from floral to aromatic and spiced notes. It’s great to pair with a Sunday roast or even to drink on its own. Georgia Harris, floor manager, High Road House

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