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HIIT it: our teams review the new House Gym classes

Our new House Gym classes are designed for all fitness levels. But what would beginner Iolanda and personal trainer Pietro make of them?

Iolanda de Leo, assistant manager, Cheeky

“I wasn’t sure what to expect from the House Turf class at White City House, as I don’t get to the gym much. Usually I just do an online workout from Pop Sugar, a few mornings a week. I thought it might be more of a cardio session but House Turf is all about strength training. We had three rounds of three exercises on the multi-functional turf, and a fixed time to complete them. 

“The class was really a full-body workout. It started with some squats, which were more challenging than at home because we were holding a weight. After some mountain-climber taps, where you start in a high plank and reach back to tap your feet, there wasn’t time left for more than a few bicep curls so we had to hurry up on the second round. 

“Working out with other people means that you really challenge yourself – even if you’re dying, you keep going. For me the toughest move was the sumo squat, which I was really feeling in my thighs. It helps to have a trainer adjusting your position and posture, so you know you’re doing it right.

“Afterwards I could feel it in my muscles but I didn’t feel as tired as I would after a cardio workout. And because it was only a small class, Roland [Khounlivong, studio manager] brought around the Theragun massager, which was a new experience!”

Pietro De Bernardin, bartender,
Dean Street Townhouse

“Growing up in Italy, I did a lot of sport in summer and skiing in winter. When I moved to London five years ago I started going to the gym and decided to take my qualification in personal training around a year ago. So I know the idea behind HIIT (high-intensity interval training) classes, where you alternate short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods.

The class I tried was Soho House’s signature 45-minute HIIT experience, called House Three. We did running, ab exercises, pushups and weights. It was like a circuit, with the exercises changing every 30-40 seconds. The class was really good; the only things I would change were that the music was too low and I would have preferred the instructor to exercise along with us. It wasn’t a super-hard workout for me but I enjoyed it and will look out for more sessions on the team events calendar.”

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