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Five great Soho House & Co Instagram accounts

When it comes to Instagram, Soho House & Co staff know what they’re doing. Hit follow on these awesome accounts

Kirsten Pettit

Head of pastry, Soho House Toronto
Instagram philosophy: “People and places that touch my heart.”

🌷 🌷 🌷 #flowers #cleaningday #happiness

A photo posted by Kirsten Pettit (@kirstenpettit) on

Neil Smith

Head chef, Babington House
Instagram philosophy: “Fresh and seasonal food with lots of colour.”

Gabriel Navarro

Coffee quality control manager, North America
Instagram philosophy:
“A coffee a day keeps the doctor away… or not. But still, drink lots.”

@intelligentsiacoffee #cappuccino #NAVA #westhollywood @tyerstries

A photo posted by Gabriel Navarro (@gabrielnav) on

Işıl Okçu

Kitchen administration, Soho House Istanbul
Instagram philosophy: “Food, travel and always being in style.”

More splendid colours 🍊🍅🍆

A photo posted by Işıl Okçu (@isilokcu) on

House Four

A magazine for Soho House & Co people
Instagram philosophy: “Anything and everything Soho House-related!”


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