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Drink your way around Berlin

The best bars in the city, according to Soho House Berlin’s bartender Trevor Cowper

Grungy walls covered in street art, worn but familiar-looking furniture and hazy lighting are all hallmarks of your typical Berlin bar. The idea is that all traces of ego and pretension are left at the door. Whether you’re young or old, local or from out-of-town, you’re welcomed in for cheap drinks, served late, late into the night.

My favourite drinking hole is Mysliwska in the nightlife hotspot of Kreuzberg. It was opened in the ’80s by a Pole (the name means ‘Hunter’s Bar’ in Polish), and has appealed to wild and free Berliners through every subsequent decade. The drinks aren’t complicated, but they don’t have to be. Just sup a Tyskie or a Berliner Pils beer in true bohemian style.

Beer is, undeniably, the Berlin drink. Now craft beer is entering the market, too, thanks in part to the influence of Soho House Berlin. Ales from local craft breweries BRLO and Lemke have recently made it on to the club menu.

Near to the House in Mitte is Buck & Breck. Looking from the outside like nothing more than an old spätkauf (a Berlin off-licence), inside it’s sharp and classy, and home to some exquisite cocktails – I recommend the Penicillin (see below). Bryk Bar, found just north in Prenzlauer Berg, has similar charms. It’s chic and professional, and there’s truly innovative mixology behind its long cocktail menu.

This barely scratches the surface. Most importantly, every Berlin drinker needs to find their own niche in the bar scene. With so many to try out, I’d suggest you start exploring now.

Berlin staff pick their favourite bars, and the drinks to try there

Jungbusch for a whisky sour
“It’s the fresh ingredients, the glass they serve it in, the foamy top and the environment of the bar.”
Gabi Seth, barista


Buck & Breck for a Penicillin
“Impeccably balanced with fresh ginger syrup and slight spice. This drink goes down a treat.”
Trevor Cowper, bartender


Mandolin at Soho House for a Mother’s Jam
“With cognac and apricot jam, it’s my favourite from our recent summer menu.”
Ben Wilson, bartender


Bar Tausend for a Vieux Carré
“A long-standing favourite that I only get to enjoy at the best bars. Here is no exception. Sip and enjoy.”
Max Roswell, head bartender

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