dear house four

Broken heart? Lust for lattes? Our experts can solve any problem (probably)

Dear House Four,
I have this friend that I like LIKE THAT. I want to ask him if he feels the same way but I need somewhere romantic where we can talk. Not so romantic that he gets scared, obviously. Where should we go?
Lovesick, Miami

Dear Lovesick,
I suggest going to a bar or lounge here in Miami Beach. That way if it goes well you can take a moonlit walk down the beach and enjoy your new relationship. If it doesn’t, you are still in the epicentre of sexy that is Miami. The new hotspot at the moment is Bodega (bodegasouthbeach.com). It’s a speakeasy, kind of. Good food, good drinks and great times. Good luck Lovesick, and if it doesn’t work out, come in and I’ll fix you something to numb the pain.
Your friendly neighbourhood bartender Andrew Lue, Soho Beach House Miami

Dear House Four,
The kitchen staff here keep trying to feed me chia seeds, but they look like something you’d find at the bottom of a hamster’s cage. Please can I ignore them?
Vegetable Dodger, West Hollywood

Dear Dodger,
Shut up and eat your chia seeds, they may be small but they are really good for you! Their culinary use dates back to the Aztecs; today they are blended into smoothies, sprinkled into salads or soaked overnight in milk and spices to make a delicious pudding. Chia seeds are wheat-free and gluten-free, and just 1 tbsp provides almost a third of your recommended daily fibre intake, plus plenty of omega-3 fats. Full of antioxidants, their high protein levels can help keep your energy balanced.
Tilly Pearman, nutrition student and Shoreditch House receptionist

Dear House Four,
I flew in late last night and slept through my alarm. I need to leave for work in 20 minutes and my facial hair situation makes me look like Tom Hanks in Castaway… and not in a good way. I only have time to wash my face OR shave. Which do I pick?
Jetlagged, London

There’s no need to compromise with Clean & Shave, a new two-in-one timesaver from Neville (Soho House people get 50% off at cowshedonline.com). With moisturising sugar beet extracts and aloe vera to soothe and repair, this formula softens and primes skin for a closer shave without irritation. Simply work into a thick, full lather, then apply to your face for a quick shave before rinsing away. It doubles as a facial wash, so your face will be as clean as it is smooth.
Rachael Wheeler, marketing and PR executive, Cowshed

Dear House Four,
Can I do latte art with my Nespresso machine and milk frother?
George Clooney Fan, Toronto

Dear Clooney Fan,
The answer is yes… and no. The milk that Nespresso makes is frothy enough for latte art but it is automatic, so there is not a lot of control over the milk. You want your milk hot and with the right amount of micro foam, so I’d recommend investing in a special milk pitcher to achieve latte art (you can get them from espressoparts.com). After that it is just practising and knowing when to stop applying steam to the milk. Enjoy!
Gabriel Navarro, barista, Soho House Toronto

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