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Dean Street gets the Neville treatment: before and after

Neville Hair has just launched with three amazing new products. Thank heaven, say the restaurant staff of 76 and Dean Street Townhouse

Florent Cordeau (above)
Restaurant manager at 76 Dean Street

The style: Sea Salt Spray was used to create hold. Then the Hair Putty, through the top of the hair, offered a natural finish (“The two products work really well together,” says barber Ben.) A quick sweep of a Denham brush completes the sharp look.

Florent’s verdict: “Normally, I just use matte paste, style it backwards, and hope it holds. But it always falls out during a twelve-hour shift. This style looks really slick and tidy and seems to hold well, even though I don’t feel like I’ve got loads of glue in my hair. I’d definitely use the products again.”

Before and after

Before and after

Mattia Venuti
Waiter at 76 Dean Street

The style:
The new Neville Hair Putty would ordinarily be used to create a more textured look. But, mixing it with water also creates a curling serum, which was used on Mattia’s lustrous locks. Some Neville Sea Salt Spray, applied then left to dry, gave the style a beachy finish.

Mattia’s verdict:
“My hair’s usually quite difficult to manage. But, within just a couple of minutes, I feel like the products have made a massive difference. Usually I need to use loads and loads of products to keep the style that I want. Here, it’s been a lighter touch, but with a bigger impact.”

Before and after

Before and after

Andrew Pearce
Bartender at Dean Street Townhouse

The style: A spritz of Sea Salt Spray gave Andrew’s dry hair some life, then our bartender model had Hair Putty rubbed through his style to create a more textured, messy finish, but still with a natural feel. All ready for an especially smooth shift.

Andrew’s verdict: “Normally my hair’s just pushed over to one side. This is completely different to any style I’ve worn before, but I really like it. Maybe I’d wear it for work, but I’m a late riser so it might bit of a rush in the morning. I’d definitely try it for a night out.”
Neville is Soho House & Co’s award-winning men’s grooming range, inspired by the tradition of the great British barbershop. Combining high quality ingredients with considered design, the new range of three Neville Hair products has been developed in consultation with master barber Tom Harrigan. The Sea Salt Spray (£12) gives you straight-out-of-the-ocean, messed-up beach hair. The Hair Putty (£14) offers texture and a matte finish. And the water-based Hair Pomade (£14) is ideal for creating slick looks. Buy and claim your staff discount at

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