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Chicken Shop’s James gets famous

Chicago TV station WCIU interviewed James Garron on how he went from washing dishes to head chef at Chicken Shop

James Garron has always been a star of the Chicken Shop family, making his mark with the chicken and waffles dish that’s now served in our restaurants all over the world. But now he’s started to get better known in his home city, with Chicago TV station WCIU interviewing him about his career.

“I didn’t always want to be a chef,” he explains. “I started off as a dishwasher. I came to work every day, I was focused. I was lucky enough to work with some great chefs. And I gradually worked my way up to head chef.”

It tok him some time, but James took every opportunity to talk to the chefs he was working with and was able to grow his knowledge of food at Chicken Shop. A proud Chicagoan, he believes his drive comes from his home city’s competitive spirit. “Chicago’s an extremely competitive city, from the sports world on to the culinary world… I think we have the best chicken in the city. We don’t have the biggest menu but we try to make sure it’s consistent for every single guest who comes through the door.”

For anyone who’s thinking about a career in the kitchen, or even like him a few years ago is a little uncertain of what they want to do, James’s advice is simple: “Chase your dreams, go after the things you want.”

Watch James in action at Chicken Shop and at the WCIU studio here

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