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Tom’s promotion starts our year of food

Former Soho House head chef Tom Collins has risen through the ranks once more to become UK operations director. Here’s how he did it

“Work hard, deliver on the tasks you’re set and always try to be better. Oh, and have fun!” That’s Tom Collins’s mantra, and you’ve got to admit the former head chef has made it work for him. Since starting out at Soho House 40 Greek Street in 2012, he’s been promoted to development chef, eating and drinking director, and has just been named our new UK director.

“Tom is another great example of someone coming through the ranks at Soho House and shows that if you work hard, are smart, committed, and passionate about food (and good looking) it pays off,” says COO Martin Kuczmarski. “Tom is a great people person and manager, and will give boundless energy to our places.”

A popular choice for the role, Tom’s goal for the year is to put a real emphasis back on the food in all the UK houses and restaurants. “2017 is all about improving our food and increasing our staff retention,” he says. “My dream is a happy team and happy members enjoying great food and drink with brilliant service.”

Tom will replace Antoine Melon, who is moving on to another opportunity after two successful years with the company. We’ll reveal more about the Food 2017 initiative very soon.



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