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Chef James sends chicken and waffles global

James Garron’s Chicago recipe is proving a hit with media influencers and being shared around our Chicken Shop sites

James Garron is head chef of Chicken Shop Chicago and an innovator when it comes to deep-fried foods. His chicken and waffles were recently voted best in the city by, and the dish has proven so popular that it’s been added to menus in London.

“There was an outpouring of requests after Londoners saw Chicago’s chicken and waffles on social media,” James explains. His fried chicken sandwich, fried chicken omelette and chicken nuggets have also made their way to London Chicken Shops. “It makes really proud to have my recipe being served in another country,” he says. 

Having started out as a dishwasher, James was hired as a line cook by Soho House in 2014. He was quickly promoted to Sous Chef at Chicken Shop, and then Head Chef.

“You can’t just go through the motions,” he says. “You have to put your best foot forward every day.” That means more new dishes, such as fried brussels sprouts with a maple balsamic glaze: “I’m in love with this dish.”

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