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Catch up on House Festival 2017

See a video of our people working at this year’s event, a huge highlight in the Soho House & Co calendar

Soho House’s UK teams are celebrating another great House Festival, held at Marble Hill House in London on July 6, 2017.

Around 550 of our people were involved in setup, from planning the line-up to driving Gators and setting up the physical space, with bartenders premixing cocktails and chefs preparing thousands of lobsters at Twickenham Stadium. It’s a Herculean effort that is months in the planning, says organiser Joe Eva, our UK club director. “Special note must go to Oli and Nic in P&D for all their background work in organising the staff – Oli in particular completed his first week in the field with us and put in a mammoth long shift on Thursday, which also happened to be his birthday – KUDOS!”

This year’s festival was particularly sun-drenched, making it a long, hot day for the more than 600 Soho House & Co people working there on the day. “There are people there from every House and every department,” says Oli Richardson, the P&D birthday boy. “We find chefs, bartenders, managers, housekeepers, nail technicians… it’s a huge team effort.”

After everyone has gone home, a team of our people arrive early on Friday to take care of cleaning the site back to the state the Marble Hill dogwalkers expect to find it in. “They are epic and a majority do it year after year, which is a real labour of love,” Joe says. “Then our marvellous chefs Tom, Tank and Neil organise the leftover food to go to the Felix Project. And one of my personal favourites, a hero forklift driver called Dai, ties up all the beautiful, shiny balloons to his forklift and takes them to the local nursery, much to the delight of the children.”

You can catch up on what our people did on the day with the video above. For Joe, who is heading to work on Soho House Mumbai later in the year, it was a particularly special day. “This may be my last House Festival for a wee while and I watched the sun set on it with the threat of tears in my eyes (I will miss my team),” he says. “Then I remembered that I could possibly finally visit it as a guest and the tears made way for a glint and a wry chuckle.”

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