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A new team bedrock at Shoreditch House

The team at Shoreditch House have worked together to build themselves an all-new staff room

Shoreditch House have opened the doors to a brand-new staff room, designed by Nicola Maughan from in-house design and build, and put together by the onsite team.

Nicola’s designs have brought a fun 1950s diner vibe to the staff room with the multi-coloured patterned vinyl floor and retro furniture. Team photos from the House photo booth hang on the woodchip walls to capture the personality of Shoreditch House. “My main goal was to create a space where staff actually wanted to hang out,” Nicola says.

Once the space was ready, the staff competed to give it a name. Gym manager Tom O’Hare came out top, with Bedrock. He wins dinner for two at The Ned.

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